Adrian Callaghan

Freelance Web Developer

Adrian Callaghan

Freelance Web Developer
Luton, United Kingdom | Computer Software

I am an "End to End" web-developer possessing strong front and back end skills, capable of rapid prototyping in an Agile environment.

I have worked in IT for twenty years within hardware or software and have ten years in programming and almost seven years solid web development.

My roots are in computer science (degree), traditional programming languages and humble beginnings writing software for the public domain in my bedroom as a teenager.

I use Linux both at home and at work as my operating system of choice, and have strong experience and understanding of Linux systems, systems administration (Apache, Tomcat, Nginx, Mysql, PHP, Java etc), cloud hosting, replication and rapid deployment techniques.

I like to "roll my own" code to either better understand concepts or solve common problems and then release it as open source, in the past I have released my own framework, various CMS's and contributed code to projects like Piwik & Wordpress.

I love learning new approaches and coding styles and so able to use many front and back end frameworks such as Bootstrap, easelJs, Jquery, Wordpress (developer), Magento, Zend1 (certified), Zend2, Doctrine2, Concrete5, ZenCart, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla, Symphony, Cake and PHPBB.

I always keep standards focussed and best practice orientated and pride myself on being able to fix problematic legacy projects by crafting an elegant fix that compliments the original architecture rather than resorting to brute force.

I have knowledge in most areas for example (but not limited to) networking, project management, computer hardware, oop design principles, database normalisation/modelling, various languages, email clients, campaigns, seo, affiliate marketing, analytics, version control, authentication and apis.

My speciality is LAMP and rapid end to end prototyping and deployment with area's of interest in developing for Linux and Android.

Freelance Developer (2013 - Present)

Specialist in fixing and maintaining legacy systems

Lead back end developer (2010 - 2013)
Less Rain

I looked after the entire backend system for lessrain and all its projects, all of the backend codebases and all servers spanning from the UK to Germany.

My main priority was maintaining and building completely bespoke CMS solutions for almost anything imaginable, from (for example) a game using json/rest to store and display player high scores and monitor cheating, to full blown multi-lingual, e-commerce booking engines connecting to systems through various API's for the london office.

In addition to developing new systems, I would maintain the existing codebases, this would include maintaining legacy projects that are very old, and the major internal redevelopment of a troublesome project which had to be done completely transparently to the client.

I pioneered a new infrastructure in lessrain, I Introduced better version control, normalized the coding standards, making the framework of choice Zend, pioneered a quicker deployment mechanism to hosting within the cloud by the use of images and scalable costs.

I enforced three tier deployment and best practice to the other developers, and would frequently be required to offer technical direction and guidance.

Lessrain has won many awards and has been featured in magazines like .net and web-designer.

Contract Web-Developer (2010 - 2010)
McCann Erickson

Freelance contractor

Web Developer (2009 - 2010)
Butterfield Morris Bushell Ltd

Lead developer for five high traffic Vauxhall websites, maintaining the servers and enviroment they ran on and creating adhoc micro-sites and emails for various promotions as required.

Software developer + System Administrator (2008 - 2009)
THUK Media

Building full-life cycle websites, directly from a client brief.
I was also promoted to systems administrator a few months prior to leaving.

IT manager/ hardware support for 2x stores (2006 - 2008)
Cash Converters

I Managed and maintained two separate stores, computer repairs and configurations.

In addition to this I offered repairs direct to the public sector through both outlets (my own private business that I managed), and managed the ordering and preparation of new stock.

Electro mechanical engineer (2004 - 2005)

Electrical Mechanical engineer of office machinery, such as large photocopiers

Trainee computer repairer (1994 - 1995)
DG Computers

Trainee computer repair man, I was fortunate enough to work alongside many talented individuals, one of which was Darren Mitchell, who was a member of the team responsible for the Commodore Amiga kickstart ROM

Computer programmer (1993 - 1994)
King Computers

I worked as a computer programmer, writing demo`s for the Commodore Amiga in AMOS and PET.

I also wrote software for the PD

Skills & Expertise

Open Source, LAMP, Linux, Linux Server, Apache, MySQL, PHP, OOP, MVC, Zend Framework, zend Framework 2, HTML 5, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS3, CSS, SEO, PHP4/5, Wordpress, phpBB, Concrete5, Drupal, HTML, Windows, Tortoise SVN, CMS, Bash, Github, Shell Scripting, Google Analytics, Piwik, AJAX, x86 Assembly, Proftpd, Database Design, Android SDK, phpMyAdmin, CakePHP, ZenCart, Joomla, jQuery UI, Java, OpenX, Google Apps, Relational Databases, WordPress, Agile Methodologies

University of Bedfordshire (2004 - 2008)
Bachelor of Science with honours, Computer Science

computer science

Dunstable college (1997 - 1998)
Barnfied College (1996 - 1997)
, NVQ in television repairs
Dunstable College (1995 - 1996)
, BTEC First in ITA
South Luton High School (1988 - 1993)
, GCSE Maths, English LIT LAT, Science, RE
I'll leave others to speak highly of Adrian's technical skills, abilities and knowledge, for although I know he is prodigiously talented in these areas, I am somewhat of a layman - which brings me to what Adrian has impressed me most with. His patience, his willingness to explain and communicate, in clear terms, those areas in which he is so skilled in and I know relatively little. Working with Adrian allows me the freedom, and gives me the confidence, to express myself creatively, simply because he has taken the time to discuss, advise, encourage and assist me in doing so. A pleasure to work with from start to finish, always has an excellent response to time critical demands and displays a high quality attention to detail. Excellent.
Adrian is definitely one of the best developers I worked with. His skills go way beyond assembling bits of code and use frameworks, he has deep understanding of Linux and PHP which gives him great advantage to build and maintain fast, robust and secure systems.

He has a keen eye on the fallbacks of a project at the very beginning of it and is able to code modular and flexible systems that allow quick changes on scope. On top of that he also have great front-end skills, so he is able not only to take care of any step of a project, but also lead and manage entire teams.

As a person, Adrian is extremely reliable, team member and a very good friend. Is someone that you can trust without a doubt.
Adrian has to be without a shadow of a doubt one of the best developers I have ever had the pleasure of working with. His knowledge, experience and professional skill set is more than just second to none, I've never seen someone of his calibre in my career as a Digital designer. I would recommend him without even blinking an eye as you know you'll always been in very safe hands if using him.
As a person Adrian is a great guy to work with and be around, he's funny, very outgoing and has been a great asset to the team. To sum up, he's what every team needs and what most teams are missing.
Adrain has provided freelance software and hardware support on a range of equipment, including solutions of problems that Microsoft advised were insoluble. He enabled me to access priceless data that appeared to be lost, and acts with total integrity. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others for a diverse software and hardware support service.
Adrian's passion for thinking through challenges is backed up by his wealth of knowledge throughout many programming languages. From a creative's point-of-view, his ability to see what we're trying to achieve is first-rate. Thinking around a problem, Adrian constantly solution-hunts ahead of schedule, allowing for all those refinements which bring the job alive.

I've worked with and used Adrian on a number of personal projects, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others – providing I'm not already using him myself!
Adrian has completed work for me, via the business relationship between TH UK Media and Aspire Recruitment Group, our respective companies, on various occasions.

I have always found Adrian to be an extremely knowledgable and capable software and web developer who has invariably managed to turn around projects ahead of schedule and within budget.

An open and honest person, he doesn't shy away from giving a sincere evaluation on any specific issue, even if this means breaking bad news. That said, his problem-solving nature normally means that a solution, or workaround, can be found for most issues.

I look forward to working with Adrian again on future projects.
I have worked closely with Adrian in migrating the David Lloyd website estate to a new platform. Adrian's expertise ensured the migration of several of our sites was seamless. Carefully and systematically decoupling a complex website setup, ensuring our remaining estate was not at risk Adrian was able to work independently. Keen to ensure his stakeholders understand the request at hand Adrian will take the time to break technical process down to layman's terms.
Adrian has been an amazing colleague and a very good friend. As a back-end developer, he never hesitates to share his knowledge and help people understand what is going on. Because of his willingness to always be on the cutting edge, he's always learning new things and he's the best person to crack down problems with. I will be extremely sad not to work with him anymore, and am jealous of the ones who will in the future.
To work with Adrian is a great pleasure. He is not only a great developer, he is very Valuable, Trustworthy and Creative member of the team. He can work under great preasure with many responsibilities, and a fast problem solver. Adrian has a vast amount of experience in many areas of programming, witch he is always willing to help and teach other members of the team. He loves what he is doing and gives 100% in everything he gets involved in. His quality of work is exelent, but he never stops pushing his boundaries and chalanging himself to do even more. In the time i have known him i find him to be a great communicator and a great sourse of team spirit.
I have been working with Adrian for over three years and he has been an invaluable member of the Less Rain team. A seasoned technologist, he thinks out of the box and delivers solutions to problems before they even appear. He really cares about the work he does, and about the people he works with; he does things properly, but also knows how and when to take a shortcut. No matter how challenging a project may have been, he has never let us down.
Ridiculously talented developer - reads HTML how others would read a book! Taught me how to calculate in binary, and keeps the DLL website running smoothly, without batting an eyelid when something goes wrong. Calm under pressure and would happily work with Adrian again.
Adrian provided my automotive account a great service by his diligence and hard work
Adrian came to David Lloyd Leisure fully equipped with the Developer skills and insight that we'd been seriously lacking. With an encyclopedic knowedge of programmes, programming languages and back-end development process, Adrian quickly resolved a mountain of historic website issues as well as the many ad hoc requests that came his way.

Alll of this was done with humour and a very calm attitude! Adrian really is unflappable, which is the human characteristic that makes him so good at what he does.
Adrian is one of the most knowledgeable Developers I have had the pleasure of meeting. He processes a broad spectrum of IT knowledge from developing search engine friendly websites to managing and fixing the companies’ servers and computers. Adrian is always enthusiastic to help and explore new avenues to improve his methods and keep up to date with technology.
Adrian is a talented and careful developer.
His understanding of the projects scenario gives us always a deeper vision of what we are doing, giving personal and great solutions to rely on.
On top of it he's even a really smart guy and the nicest person you can work with.
Adrian is a talented developer, able to work quickly and accurately when the pressure is on, solving potential problems before they arise and providing great insight into complex projects.
Simply put, he is the best developer I have come across on my digital journey. He came to David Lloyd to help transition from an old legacy infrastructure (which very few people at David Lloyd knew anything about) on to new more agile platforms. Along with this he also had to take on monthly campaign work with very little hand over from the previous agency/developers.

Needless to say, Adrian made this complex task look very easy. he took it all in his stride and confidently over delivered on what was asked of him. To top it all off he is a great guy to work alongside. I would recommend him to anyone who requires a solid problem solving developer.
Adrian is an important member of our development team and his attention to detail is second to none.
Adrian has been a useful (and essential) member of the Less Rain team for a number of years. His outstanding knowledge on server technologies & CMS integrations has proven itself time & time again over the year that I've worked with him.
He is always methodical, ensuring that not only is the system developed to the client & project requirements, but also ensuring that security & integrity are maintained at every stage.
Adrian is a highly skilled PHP Developer who I worked with at Less Rain London. A fantastic team member and colleague, he was always personable, helpful and committed to the team and his work. With a strong attention to detail and best practise, I have no hesitation to recommend Adrian for any project.
Before writing this recommendation of Adrian I took a look through what other past colleagues of his have said. I suggest to anyone reading this, do the same.

Adrian has a beautifully unique approach to problem solving, he is calm, calculated and considered when dealing with an array of challenges. He appreciates the importance of each component in a problem to assimilate an efficient yet robust solution.

Quite simply Adrian differentiates himself from the rest of the Freelance developer world by being one of the best. It takes no time at all when speaking with him to realise that he is driven by a true passion for what he does. This is a quality in him that I am envious of, but all the same elevates and encourages those around him. It has made it a genuine pleasure to work alongside him.
Adrian is proactive, committed and really cares about his work. I can always trust him to complete important tasks in a systematic and precise way. He's also a cool guy to have in the office, you can never have too many gold medal winning martial artists working with you!
Adrian is what i would call 'gold dust' - highly sought-after and extremely hard to find. His skills and knowledge are second to none and i would highly recommend him to any organisation. Adrian is also loyal and trustworthy and is exceptional at his job. This guy really does know his stuff and i've never met a developer like him before. In addition Adrian is a really nice, genuine bloke and gets on with everyone.
Adrian is a very knowledgeable and capable developer and systems administrator combined who instills confidence from the get go, is always ahead of what is required from him and who is creative with his approach and his outside-of-the-box thinking. He was hired to take care of an estate of legacy websites, implement a bespoke development environment and produce marketing campaigns, all which had to be done at the same time and which he accomplished effortlessly and working unaided. He is completely reliable, a self-motivator and obviously takes pride in his work which he tackles with real interest and enthusiasm, engaging and communicating with all sorts of players, as he pro-actively shares his knowledge and opinions in the process. Adrian is very personable and has been a real pleasure to work with.
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