Monday flippin morning!

October 27th, 2008

Well, to continue on, I picked up the car, and I have to admit she runs like a dream..

She purrs when idoling, there is actually a feeling of torque, so I am very happy.

Until this morning!!

I left for work this morning about the same time as usual, a chilly 7.45, went outside and de iced the car, sat in her and started the car purring!.

I Pulled away gently and glided down the avenue toward work, a mist an autumn sunrise!.

The car was fine, until we pulled onto the faster roads, thats when she must have thought “NOW!” and cue a sudden loss of power, rapid deccelaration, and gut renching clattering from under the bonnet, I thought “No please!”.

I managed to coast the car off the 50mph road, and into a 30 mile an hour safe impact zone.

This is when she miracolously levelled out again, several stamps on the accelarator and copious amounts of hard reving, outside a complete strangers house confirmed she was ok.

After much peering out of windows and red line reving, a sudden cough was produced which sounded like something had cleared and a tranquil pur resumed, a wheel spin later and I was off again.

“A ha” I thought, “blockage!” that must have sorted it,

everything was ok, until the A6!

about half way between, bedford and luton, right next to “Wilkstead hill farm” she coughed spluttered, hop skipped and flippin jumped, into a layby!

The engine promptly cut out, amist a curoius burning smell and further clattering from under the bonnet!

“Crikey” I thought, not wanting to be sprayed in the face with oil from the dashboard or something, I abandoned the car and called the RAC.

The RAC I have to say where very good, but the end result was a truck ride to a garage, and after paul (Rac chap) suggested that he felt it was the exhaust, I selected the “O so honest” garage that first fitted it about 3 weeks prior.

End result was 6 hours messing about (Seriously) a new set of rubbers! (Sure that`s mechanic`s slang for d*ck head) and a car that seems ok once again!

Will keep you posted, (brakes are still on the horizon)

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Saxo Fiasco

October 15th, 2008

Well I have always had trouble with my various cars, so I thought it was time this was added to my blog..

To bring you upto speed, sometime ago I decided commuting to work everyday from luton to bedford and back would be cheaper if I had a little 1 litre car, instead of using the train.

So I purchased a cheap car with a full MOT, and a golden handshake that she was “pucka mate”.

Promptly after, my proud purchase blew its head gasket and it went in for repair!.

the mechanic assured me “edd gasket no problem mate, will sort her out”.

several weeks, and several large cash withdrawal`s later, and she was ready to go.

The mechanics gave me a cheery good bye and a cheeky grin as I spluttered away, wondering what the hell?

The car began to lose more and more torque, it started by amusingly bunny hoping when pulling off!, very cool in front of your work mates, not so funny when pulling out from a roundabout in front of a HGV, well I guess my frantic thrashing of the gears and paniked sweaty face pearing through the window may have seemed hilarious to the lorry driver as I bunny hopped infront of him.

So a quick chat with the offending garage, produced another bill, some rubbing of hands and a shooting pain across my chest.

Time for a second opinion!

The next garage was far more freindlier, there was a lovely air of honesty, I parted with some cash and the exhaust was changed for a new shiny one, and a new front tyre!

But it goes like sh*t I exclaimed!

Well see how it goes they replied, and gave me a cheery goodbye!

Anyway, eventually the car reached the point where a pebble would cause it to stall, so alias she attended yet another garage.

Another HUGE bill was produced, I rang them back and said forget it, she is going to the scrappys had enough mate, and the reply was ‘well wish you had said, weve gone and done the work mate!”

So as it stands, she runs “pucka mate”, but she has pretty much no breaks and the tax is due.

Picking her up tomorrow so will keep you posted, if you will excuse the pun!

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