Galaxy S3 no internet on virgin media super hub

Samsung galaxy S3 will not connect to virgin media super hub can be a problem, I found mine would connect but had no internet – and everything else on the network did.

After several hours of looking through forums, rebooting and changing settings, I found the issue to be with the hub itself, for some reason in Advanced-settings>DHCP>DHCP Reservation I found the mobile was being addressed on a strange IP like 10.125.x.x.x and not the one it had been allocated by DHCP.

I took note of the mac and device name in the IP Lease table, switched off the WIFI on the mobile (disconnecting it from the router), hit refresh to make sure it was no longer listed in the IP lease table.

Next I added a reservation entry to the the lease table for the device, using its mac and device name, and bound it to an IP that was not being used.

Voila.. Internet on the S3

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Galaxy S3 no internet on virgin media super hub, 8.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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  1. Simon says:

    I had the exact some problem. The problems are all to do with the hub. I had to increase the pool of available IP address so it could assign one to my mobile instead of the 10.125 etc. Another thing I had to do was change the wireless channel from 6 to 1.

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