javascript image rotation

Very simple class that rotates images on any event, on any target element (with a preloader).

Click here for an example.

To use it yourself (how the example works):

1. include jquery and the class

<script type="text/javascript" src="jquery.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript" src="galleryRotate.js"></script>

2. Instantiate the class with an array of images

$images = ['1.jpg','2.jpg','3.jpg'];
var rotator = new GalleryRotate($images);

3. bind the objects change method to an event, such as mouseclick, telling it the name of target element (always done once the webpage is ready)

	// click the image
		return rotator.change('#img');

Once again an example can be found here.

The full source code can be downloaded here.

The class code is very straight forward and below for completeness.

function GalleryRotate ($images){  
	this.preload = function () {
	        $('<img/>')[0].src = this;
	this.change = function($element){
		$img = this.images[this.imgNo];
		if ($element){
			$($element).attr("src", $img);
		else alert($img);
		if (this.imgNo==this.images.length){
		return false;
	this.init = function ($images) {
		this.images = $images;
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