PHP a developers dream

It never ceases to amaze me, how versitile PHP is!

Losely typed datatypes, shortcuts to unload/load arrays, associative arrays to name but a few, its a wonder it never trips over itself!

Or does it?

With the latest advent of PHP 5 the OOP engine was completely rewritten, but to what extent?

Nesting multiple object accesors within another object accessor within another modifier, gives notably wierd results.

Furthermore, although my understanding of PHP is still very futile, I cant help but notice the lack of integration sometimes, for example an operator returned from an object nested within an intenery operator is sometimes, bizarrely, disallowed?

And why cant I save an object to a session, without first serialising it?

Dont get me wrong, I find PHP an amazing language, It often makes some other languages look out dated and cumbersome in retrospect.


(Post is a test post thrown together in 2mins)

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